St. Paul’s English Medium Higher Secondary School

Affiliated to MP Board Bhopal.


  • 1. All students when admitted must make themselves acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct while studying in this school. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse.
  • 2. The school year begins in July. The admission start from 1st June and closes on 15th July every year.
  • 3. Boys and girls of 3year are admitted to K.G.I.
  • 4. Leave of absence will be allowed for serious reason only. If a student is absent due to illness or any other reason a note from parent or guardian testifying the fact must be presented to the class teacher. If a student is absent from school for more then 15days without proper leave his/her name shall be removed from the register.
  • 5. Absents of student from class for family social function is entirely discouraged, and the school dose not hold itself responsible for a student who suffer in has daily progress for lack of strict adherence to attendance rules.
  • 6. Parents are requested to make their complaints if any directly to the school authorities and not to the teachers.
  • 7. Parents and guardians or any other persons are not allowed to see the student or interview them during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • 8. Parents and guardians are also requested not to enter the class room or talk to the teacher when they are engaged with their classes.
  • 9. Neither the management nor the teacher will be responsible for the safety of the children on their way from home to school and vice-versa it is up to the parents or guardians to see their safety on the way .We can assure their safety only in the school premises.
  • 10. Any damage or loss of the school properties by any student will be notified to their parents or guardians in time and it shall be their obligation to replace or compensate them.
  • 11. No student may leave the school hours with out the permission of the principal.
  • 12. All are expected to speak English in the school even in their private conversation.
  • 13. The student school should behave in a refined manner where ever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teacher when they meet them.
  • 14. Neatness in writing, a personal and general cleanliness and courtesy of speech are much emphasized. There for spilling of ink, littering. Scribing school desks, walls stealing or damaging other student’s belongings will be severely dealt with.
  • 15. The school is not responsible for books, money etc. that are lost. It is not advisable for students to have money or valuable articles with them.
  • 16. Private tuitions are discouraged and should be resorted to only after consulting the Principle.
  • 17. At any rate the staff of this school may not accept or own students as private students shortly before the annual examination.
  • 18. The scholastic year is divided into three terms. First terminal exam will be in September and the second will be in December. The Annual exam will be held in April. Progress reports of the terminal examination and the monthly tests will be sent to the parents or guardians for signature.
  • 19. Supplementary will be awarded to those who fail in 2 subjects in the Annual Examination.
  • 20. If a student fails after repeating the class he/she will have to leave the school.
  • 21. Answer papers shall not normally be shown to the parents or guardians.