St. Paul’s English Medium Higher Secondary School

Affiliated to MP Board Bhopal.

Director's Message

SANT PAUL'Director

It is a great happiness and joy that I am part of the st. Paul’s school, Hoshangabad, today and am able to be a part of the school when it is completing 40th years in Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh. I have been part of the school during my school days and have seen the values being inculcated in me. The same process is on at present also.
Of all the hard jobs around, being a good teacher is the hardest job. Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.
We at St. Paul’s strive towards engraving the right characters in each student so that they go ahead and become successful and also contribute to society and be an asset to the country they live in.
St. Paul’s has been a pioneer in providing quality education to all its students from its inception. Being the product and proud aluminums of st. Paul’s I am privileged to administer, guide and support our children to reach great heights. The school has always strived towards empowering our students to acquire demonstrate, articulate and value the knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners to participate in and contribute to the world and practice the core values of the school.
We provide high quality education through a transformative learning experience to all our children. At the same time, we look to identify the potential in each student and nurture their inborn talents. Our focus has been on physical, emotional and social growth of every student.
It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the management of the school. Our only purpose is all round development if the child. Holistic development with societal integration goes hand in hand. The school management has always taken keen interest in providing qualitative infrastructure, encouragement and unflinching support in growing and marching ahead in all avenues of school’s functioning.
St. Paul’s considers all students, teachers and non-teaching staff as a part of its family, and as a family we look to encourage each other, and celebrate the success of each other. also I would like to thank all the supporting staff who have worked at st. paul`s and have always been in the background.

With best wishes
St. Paul’s English Medium Higher Secondary School